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Real, verified Instagram followers, guaranteed to stay for two full years!

  • Minimum order: 500 followers
  • Maximum order: 10,000 followers
  • Average delivery time: 24-48 hours

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Service Description

Our new 2 Year Automatic Refill Instagram Followers package can help you build brand awareness and exposure while increasing your audience and growing your community. Let’s face it- Instagram is the new Twitter! More Instagram Followers could mean more sales, more downloads, more exclusive invites, and of course a larger social network! Statistics prove Instagram accounts with more followers get more followers!  And, you can have confidence knowing that if you ever lose followers purchased through this service, we will automatically replace them for free for a full 2 years following your purchase.

We'll only send you real followers with real friends! They are all real people like you and me. Your followers will consist of people from all over the world. Each will have to physically like or follow your page, which is a manual process, but ensures you are only getting followers interested in your page.

Replacement Policy:  Within 2 years after order completion, if you experience a drop in followers below the purchased amount, we will automatically replace the lost amount at no cost to you.  This guarantee covers your starting follower count plus the total number of followers purchased.  It is normal to experience an initial drop in followers immediate after order completion.  This is to be expected.  We deliver additional followers (more than is purchased) to cover this initial drop. Our 2 Year Automatic Replacement Guarantee will not replace the additional followers we initially deliver to cover the anticipated drops.

We will only replace followers purchased and delivered by our system.  We will not replace followers purchased from another provider.  We keep a record of all followers delivered by us to your account.  Accounts will be scanned once per week by our system and it will compare your current list of followers against our database.  Only the followers that were delivered by our system and subsequently dropped from your account within the 2 year replacement policy period will be replaced.

Delivery: Depending on order size, most orders are completed within 48-72 hours. Orders placed after 8:00 PM CST will be processed the next business day.

Order Instructions: Please ensure your account is set to PUBLIC before submitting your order, and leave your account PUBLIC until your followers have been delivered. Please make sure your Instagram Profile URL is correct or your Instagram followers may be sent to someone else.   We will not refund or replace followers due to customer error.