Buy Automatic Instagram Views

Buy Automatic Instagram Views


Every social-savvy individual and business who utilizes the power of Instagram to connect with friends and potential customers inexplicably face the same challenge: how do I get more Instagram views automatically?

Now you can receive Instagram views automatically after uploading a video to your Instagram account.

Our auto views Instagram Service will send views to each & every new video you post automatically- within minutes of you posting it on your account. Our non-expirable Instagram Auto Views  service works just like our Auto Likes subscription service, and since your views  never expire, no matter if you use up your views in a day, week, month or six months, you can rest assured that your future posts will be covered.

Now, you can really impress visitors to your profile and attract more followers! That's why Likes Monster is the most trusted Instagram auto views service on the market.

only $1 per 1000 views

• Receive views within minutes of posting
• Views never expire
• No long-term commitments
• 100% Service Uptime


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Our clients are using our Instagram Automatic Video Views packages to win contests, promote products and events, increase their online credibility and, of course, impress their friends! Buying Instagram Auto Views will skyrocket your viral video success, having more Instagram views will encourage people to like your photo and share it with even more people.

What are Instagram Video Views?

Instagram recently announced the addition of a views counter for all video posts. Views are counted separately from likes. The views counter is now is the default visible metric.To view how many likes a video has received, click on the views counter when viewing a video.

Your views never expire, so no matter if you use up your views in a day, week, month or six months, you can rest assured that your future posts will be covered.

Please note: During peak times of the day, delivery of views can be delayed up to 1 hour or more.

Delivery: Orders placed before 8:00 PM CST will be processed within 1 hour of receipt. Orders placed after 8:00 PM CST will be processed the next business day. We will send you an email once your subscription is activated.

For example: Bob wants 250 views to be sent to his next 25 Instagram video posts.  After the 25th post the system will mark his order complete.  Warning: Our system will scan your account every 5-15 minutes to look for new posts. Once it finds a new post, it will add your views order immediately to the queue to be processed. If you delete a post after our service has added it to the job queue, you will NOT BE CREDITED for the deleted post.

Note: This service does NOT deliver views to Instagram TV videos.  This auto views package delivers views to videos only.




Automatic Instagram Views

The Instagram Circle is expanding at a rapid pace. If you have not joined the rat race yet, you are losing out on a huge opportunity to advertise your business. Here at Likes Monster, we understand how difficult it is to advertise and grow a marketplace on Instagram.

We are offering you the chance to build power inside this community to help your business thrive. All you have to do is purchase automatic Instagram views from us.

With the purchase of automatic Instagram views, you can create a better influence of your brand online by increasing your visibility and boosting awareness about what you are offering.

Why Buy Automatic Instagram Views?

On Instagram these days, the potential of effective advertising and marketing is nearly astounding. Hundreds of millions of people use Instagram every day, making it one of the most popular social media sites today. This provides entrepreneurs with a flood of traffic and potential consumers to market their products and services to. That makes traditional marketing and advertising tactics on Instagram more competitive than ever before.

Thankfully, with the appropriate solutions – such as automatic Instagram views from Likes Monster – you may get significant social media impact and social proof without a huge investment of time and money. See why you should purchase automated Instagram views from us right now!

Drive organic traffic

Of course, Instagram has some advanced algorithms to detect solutions that are meant to “game the system." They search for Instagram accounts that are swamped with engagement seemingly out of nowhere.

That's why we design our promotional tools to appear more natural. All of this is done to safeguard your account and reputation, ensuring that you do not come under the radar of Instagram's compliance team while still growing your influence, popularity, and authority on the site.

Boost social credibility

Your social media presence will be elevated to new heights with the help of automatic Instagram views. As Instagram grows in popularity and exposure, it becomes more difficult to increase your profile's recognition and visibility.

With new people signing up every second, the competition heats up. But do not be concerned. We are here to provide exceptional services to you.

Save time

Regular interaction on Instagram is quite important these days, especially if you want to establish an influential account. However, creating engagement with your fan base may be a difficult task. If you want to succeed, you will need to provide high quality content to get people to like and comment on it daily, and generate more engagement.

It's a time-consuming process but it is now the only way to win on Instagram. Fortunately, when you purchase automated Instagram views from us, you do not have to do any of the heavy labor to develop that interaction organically. Instead, you just select your marketing budget and let us handle the rest.

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Where's the Best Place to Buy Automatic Instagram Views?

To be successful on social media, you must reach your audience in an authentic way. This requires dedication of time and resources to do effectively, otherwise you will be quickly out-maneuvered by your competition who will spend far more time and money to achieve even a little edge.

By acquiring our services, you will be able to get the same results as other Instagram celebrities or influencers. The only difference is that it will not take you days, months, or years to gain likes. It will only take a few minutes to reach your goal. All you have to do is select the best Instagram auto liker like us to transform your marketing path forever.

Powerful Features

Likes Monster is like a light at the end of the tunnel! The best online solution for automatic likes for Instagram!

Multiple options

Save time and effort that could be better spent elsewhere in promoting your business. At the end of the day, having a large number of likes on your business Instagram page pays off quickly.

Have A Look at Our Instagram Auto Views Services!

If you want to make social media marketing work for you, you should consider buying automatic Instagram views as soon as possible. We provide a variety of packages to fit any budget. We can drive the proper amount of interaction to your content and do so while keeping your data safe


Options for Every Budget


No long-term commitment


Views never expire, use them at your own pace


100% System Up-time


Benefits of Buying Automatic Instagram Views

Social media has completely changed the internet marketing environment in ways that no one could have predicted even ten years ago. If you want to reach your customers and market, you need an Instagram presence.

Unfortunately, many small business owners and entrepreneurs just don't have the time to perform the essential marketing and promotion tasks to produce true success on this platform.

But that's when services like come in handy! You get to create a proper impact on your account that would have been difficult to create organically by buying automatic Instagram views.

Let us get right into what benefits you get by choosing our service of automatic Instagram views:

  • Become an instant online celebrity
  • Continuous credibility and influence on the target audience
  • A significant reduction in time spent on social media
  • Enhancement of your brand and image
  • Complete control over your online persona and account
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The Likes Monster Difference

Our auto views Instagram Service will send views to each & every new video you post automatically- within minutes of you posting it on your account.

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A Plan to Fit Every Budget

We offer cheap Instagram auto views plans - designed to fit every need and budget.

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Lightening fast delivery

Our system automatically checks your profile for new uploads. When it finds a new picture, we'll immediately start sending views !

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100% System Uptime!

We utilize our own proprietary systems and don't rely on Instagram's API. This means our service always delivers!