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About Likes Monster

Welcome to Likes Monster. We are one of the largest and most trusted suppliers of social media likes, followers, and fans. We can provide you with thousands of real Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Google +, and Pinterest users ready to like your pages and buy your products or services.

We are a US based company, founded in 2010 with the desire to help our clients get more exposure and growth on social networks like Youtube, Instagram, TikTok and many more.


Why Choose Us


Buy Direct from the Supplier

While the internet is flooded with sellers of social media services, 99% of them re-sell someone else's services. Don't deal with the middle-man when you are work direct with the source and save time, money & hassle.    

We can help you build your brand awareness and boost sales.

Instantly increase your customer base and expose more people to your products and services. Every time you update your social media page, these followers will receive your updates in real-time, meaning they will see pictures of your products and services and get instant information about the things you are promoting.

Worldwide Support

We know, time is money.  And friendly & quick customer support is a rarity in today's world. We offer fast, friendly, competent support.  Any questions? You want a custom service? Just contact us.

We can help you increase your search engine rankings and generate traffic to your website.

You can expand your audience without any effort or major expense. Instead of waiting around for people to stumble upon your page (which may never happen) you will get an instant audience without having to doing extensive and expensive work..

100% Discreet & Anonymous

All of our services are 100% discreet & anonymous. Nobody will find out that you bought views, likes or followers. And of course, your personal information is safe, too.

We can help you increase the popularity and credibility of your website.

People tend to want to buy products and services from businesses that appear to be credible, and the more likes and followers you have, the higher your credibility will be.