How to Do a Twitter Audit

Learning how to run a proper Twitter audit has grown increasingly important in recent years. Knowing how to conduct a thorough audit can help businesses get the most out of their Twitter accounts.

What is a Twitter audit?

The term "Twitter audit" refers to a thorough examination of your business or personal account on Twitter. A well-done audit gives complete and unfiltered information on everything from Twitter history to activities. A Twitter audit is available to all Twitter users who want a more in-depth study of their accounts. Why?

They will receive a complete and well-described analytical report in a matter of seconds.

Why you should do a Twitter audit?

These days, it's more important than ever to keep your Twitter account up to date. It assists you in remaining productive on Twitter. More than merely tweeting unique stuff is required for a successful Twitter account. It assists you in keeping track of your account and determining whether it is up to date with the ever-changing Twitter trends. A Twitter audit will help to clarify the situation. It will quickly inform you of what works and what doesn't for your Twitter account.

A Twitter audit is something that most brands do regularly. Completed Twitter audits are extremely beneficial to organizations. They assist businesses in developing the most effective Twitter tactics to make an impact on the wonderful social media platform.

An audit provides a complete picture of your account's performance, from key choices to well-executed plans. This aids brands and influencers in developing better Twitter awareness and marketing strategies. A Twitter audit is the best solution for tracking your interaction or monitoring your gradual growth.

How to do a Twitter audit?

The Twitter audit isn't a difficult task. The audit is divided into five sections. The following are some of them:

  • Auditing Your Account Tweets: Auditing your account tweets entails looking into your account's tweets. It can be used to determine if the account's tweet accurately reflects the brand's image. An audit can help with everything from eliminating outdated tweets to pinning the relevant ones.
  • After you've figured out how well your account's tweets have been performing, you can turn your attention to reviewing your account's Twitter activity. It shows how well your strategies were implemented. The Twitter activity does a fantastic job with everything from your post timings to assisting you in finding the best-suited hashtags. In this scenario, Twitter analytics are highly useful.
  • Auditing Your Twitter Audience/Followers: This stage allows you to identify inactive and irrelevant Twitter followers. It assists brands in analyzing their target demographic and posting material that they enjoy. Understanding the demographics of your followers can assist you in developing the most effective techniques for creating an influential presence. You can utilize Twitter Analytics to learn about your audience's interests, the most shared material, the most engaged audience, and the most active participants.
  • Auditing Your Twitter Profile: This step focuses on the features of your Twitter profile. This includes your account's bio, profile picture, pinned tweets, and moments, among other things. This type of auditing will ensure that you constantly have an interesting profile that attracts the attention of potential followers. Keep the old ones as well.
  • Auditing Your Brand Advocates/Influencers: Treat your Twitter followers as if they were your most valuable assets. An influencer audit can help you locate the right people for targeting the proper audience, from your brand's top influencers to your most devoted audience.

What are the best tools for a Twitter audit?

The following are the top five tools for doing an effective Twitter audit:

  • Twitter Analytics: It shows you basic information like follows, activity, and cards.
  • Socialist is a popular tool for conducting an in-depth account audit.
  • BuzzSumo is the greatest tool for obtaining precise information about Twitter users and influencers.
  • Audit: This is the simplest tool for analyzing your audience because it gives you information on actual and phony followers.
  • FollowerAudit is a wonderful audit tool for finding false followers, tracking followers, and detecting unfollowers.


How to get started

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