How to Upload A 2-Minute Video On Instagram

If you're trying to work out how to publish a 2-minute video to Instagram, you're undoubtedly having trouble with the video length limit. Instagram only allows 30 seconds of video for reels, 15 seconds for stories, and 30 to 60 minutes for IGTV. You can record your Instagram live for up to 60 minutes. Instagram, thankfully, does not have any video requirements.

Instagram authorities and engineers hope that there will be no limit on the length of Instagram videos in the future. This may occur shortly. The Instagram algorithm favors individuals with a large number of followers.

Find out how to upload a two-minute video to Instagram.

Since October 2019, you can't upload a video that's longer than 60 seconds on Instagram. People appear to be prepared for this transformation, but Instagram developers remain skeptical. If you wish to upload a video that is longer than 60 seconds, you must use the old method. If the video you're uploading is less than 60 seconds, you shouldn't have any issues. You must make use of Instagram's underutilized features. You might be able to accomplish this with those.

A new feature called a carousel has been added to Instagram. Instagram users can utilize this function to upload ten photographs and videos to their feed at once. This improves the quality of their meal. It's akin to a miracle that is difficult to achieve. This, however, has been accomplished by Instagram. Some of our photographs and videos appear best when grouped.

Let's take a look at how to upload a two-minute video to Instagram.

Let's look at how to upload a 2-minute video to Instagram now. As I previously stated, you can post up to ten photos on your feed at once. To make it possible, you can upload a series of videos that are longer than 10 minutes.

Log in to Instagram with your username and password.

You'll see a + sign on your feed, which you can tap to add photographs and videos.

A blue square can be found in the right corner. You can upload up to ten photographs and videos at once by tapping on it.

Now choose the photographs and videos you want to upload, making sure they are in the correct order.

You may utilize Instagram editing tools to improve the look of your post.

Then write a caption for your post, including a location, and tag individuals.

Then, when you're ready, click the share button to finish the procedure. It's finished.

People will see your post on their feed and can swipe to view more after that. Your videos will retain their context in this manner. If the films you want to share are less than 15 seconds long, you can also share them on Instagram stories.

Some frequently asked questions about how to publish a 2-minute video to Instagram:

Q) What is the maximum length of video you can upload?

A) Life is the longest video you can upload to Instagram.


Q) What is the optimal video size for Instagram?

A)1080p by 1920p is the answer. This is the greatest place to find Instagram videos.


Q) What is the best way to size an Instagram video?

A) You can resize the video by holding and dragging the edges of the video to the desired size by clicking on the resize icon in the right corner.


Q) Is it possible to listen to copyrighted music while live-streaming on Instagram?

A) You can certainly play the song if you hold the rights to it. However, if you don't hold the rights, you won't be able to use it in your Instagram live.


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