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  Automatic Twitter Retweets & Favorites 


Automatic TWITTER RETWEETS & FAVORITES- Never Expires!

starting at only $24 per month

Automatically receive Retweets & Likes on your new Tweets!

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Service description

Our new Never Expire Twitter Auto Retweet and Likes package is an affordable solution for customers who want the benefit of receiving Twitter retweets and likes automatically on their future Tweets, and who prefer quality over quantity.   With our non-expirable Twitter Auto Retweet and Likes service, your retweets and likes never expire, so no matter if you use up your credits in a day, week, month or six months, you can rest assured that your future Tweets will be covered.

For example: Bob wants 100-150 retweets and likes to be sent to his next 50 Tweets.  After the 50th tweet, the system will mark his order complete.  Warning:  Our system will scan your account every 5-10 minutes to look for new Tweets. Once it finds a new tweet, it will add your order immediately to the queue to be processed.  If you delete a tweet after our service has added it to the job queue, you will NOT BE CREDITED for the deleted tweet.

Please note:  During peak times of the day, delivery of retweets and likes can be delayed up to 1 hour or more.  

Delivery: Orders placed before 8:00 PM CST will be processed within 1 hour of receipt. Orders placed after 8:00 PM CST will be processed the next business day.  We will send you an email once your subscription is activated.