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Instagram Followers (fake) 









High Quality Followers only $9.99 per 1000

    • Minimum order: 1000 followers
    • Maximum order: 500000 followers
            Example URL format:

* Instagram Account:

Tip: 1=1,000 followers - 500=500,000 followers

Service Description

Our Instagram Followers package can help you build brand credibility while growing your online community. New users are more likely to use a business or service that already has a large number of followers. It can take many years to develop a Instagram following but now you can get the benefits in just a few days with Likes Monster! Statistics prove Instagram accounts with more followers get more followers!

Please note: these are not real people, however, they're accounts made to look like real people.

*Delivery:  Please allow 2 business days to deliver your order.  Average delivery time is 24 hours, however delivery times are not guaranteed.  Larger orders may take longer to deliver. Orders placed after 8:00 PM CST will be processed the next business day.  

Replacement Policy:  Within 14 days after order completion, if you experience a drop in followers below the purchased amount, we will replace the lost amount at no cost to you.  Due to the nature of this service, followers may drop over time due to Instagram purging fake accounts from their platform. Therefore, we are unable to provide a guarantee against loss of followers beyond our 14 day replacement period.  We do offer followers with a 2 year replacement guarantee.  You can read more about the service here.

Order Instructions: Please ensure your account is set to PUBLIC before submitting your order, and leave your account PUBLIC until your followers have been delivered. Please make sure your Instagram Profile URL is correct or your Instagram followers may be sent to someone else.   We will not refund or replace followers due to customer error.